Saratoga Springs Office Hours  
Monday-Wednesday  9:00 am to 1:00 pm, Thursday's 3pm to 7pm, Friday's 4pm to 8pm

Pool Hours:
Winter (Labor Day to Memorial Day) 5am-10pm
Summer (Memorial to Labor Day) 5am-11pm 

Broken or malfunctioning street light:
Contact the Saratoga Springs Public Works Department at (801) 766-6506.

Complaints, Landscape, Roads & Sprinkler Maintenance:
Email, call or leave a message at SSOA Office

HOA Emergency Only Contact: (801) 413-9850 (Common area only)

City Police: (801) 766-6503 [emergencies dial 911]
Saratoga Springs City Office: (801) 766-9793

Alpine School District 

Talons Cove Golf Club & Reception Center